Masala Drive



"I have never seen such a racing game!" Indian people are surprised by it too!

How many people can you put on a bus while avoiding obstacles in a chaotic Indian city?

This is an action racing game where you challenge yourself to see how many people you can load onto a bus while avoiding obstacles in a chaotic Indian city.

The driving masala sound that enlivens the game is also a must-listen!

The game has 3 modes!
1.“Endless” mode
Challenge to how many passengers can you pick up on 1 play.
Be careful not to run out of gas!

2.“Indian trip” mode
Challenge to drive over half a round of India.
Start from Kolkata, aim for Varanasi, Agra, New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ellora, Mumbai and Bangalore.

「Unlock!」 customize the your bus!
If you clear the mini missons, to open the new feater!

3.“Day off” mode(Cricket)
Cricket-style mini-games are available for your enjoyment.
The aim is to hit the ball back and forth to score points and achieve a high score.