Museum of the Preowned Games Collections


Did you ever write your name on game cartridges?

These days, it’s become normal to play retro games for free.
Skip back a few decades to the age when games came in the form of cartridges which were next to sacred. There were many households with kids who would write their names on those precious games cartridges to prevent them from getting lost.

Of course, those cartridges contain the software for the game, but perhaps more importantly, they are associated with many different memories such as how the owner got the cartridge (for example, as a birthday present or as the first ever item they purchased themselves), the friends he/she played with together and the stories of why they chose to play that game in the first place.

However, these precious memorabilia are no longer with the original owner for a number of reasons; they may have been sold to a pre-owned games shop, handed over to a friend or lent to someone only for it not to have been returned.
I am a collector of such retro games.

In general, collectors like myself usually seek game cartridges that are "like new" in condition, and those cartridges that have names written on them are not highly valued. However, on October 3, 2003, I purchased an NES game from a game shop in San Diego, US which had someone’s name written on it.
That's when I realized...

"I want to return this priceless piece of memorabilia to its original owner!"
I started seeking and collecting game cartridges with names written on them. This collection has now reached hundreds in numbers, which are being carefully looked after.
I started this museum with some friends who agreed to share this goal with me.
You might find a treasured memory within our collection - please take a look!

And of course, if you find a game cartridge that used to belong to you, please get in touch.

Finally, I wish to thank all those who supported me on this quest - this would not have been possible without your help.

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